SoftdB I-Track Intensity Mapping System

i-Track Sound Intensity Mapping System

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i-Track Sound Intensity Mapping System

  • Simple to Operate
  • Camera Tracks Probe Position
  • 6 Degree of Freedom Tracking
  • Uses Standard Intensity Microphones

The i-Track system uses a high resolution camera to track the optical target attached to the instensity probe. This arrangement allows the system to know the position of the probe in 6 degrees of freedom (linear and rotational). Furthermore, the system is aware of the amount of time the probe spends over an area and normalizes the averaging to take into account different over target dwell times and scan speeds.  Sound Power can also be calculated.

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Download this file (I-Track4_Spec_Sheet_V06.pdf)SoftdB i-Track Sound Intensity Mapping[Brochure]833 Kb